Adjudicator’s Office Procedure/Checklist For Obtaining Rectification


Office opens to the public between 7:00-7:30 a.m. Monday to Thursday.

Customers are briefed by office staff.

Persons requiring rectification must take a blue number which is issued by either the security or office staff.  This process commences at about 8:00 a.m.

ALL Applicants will be issued a Rectification Application Form which must be completed in full.

Applicants records are screened by floor representative ahead of the interview process.

At the interview, applicants verify the required rectification following which the necessary declaration or affidavits are typed by the interviewer for signature by the person whose record needs rectification.  NB. these affidavits must be signed in the presence of a Justice of the peace or a lawyer.

Upon completion of Interviews applicants are given the following: (a) Affidavit forms to effect the changes, (b) Cover Application, (c) payment slip – $50.00 and advised  to purchase the necessary stamps and to pay the application at the High Court and leave it there.

Adjudicator staff will collect the paid applications from the High Court at end of the work day for processing.

Court Orders are prepared.

Applicants are informed that the court orders are ready for collection.  Upon collection the Court Orders must be taken to the Registry of Civil Status to apply for the Required Documents.