Getting Married in Saint Lucia

The application for a Saint Lucia marriage license can be made immediately on arrival.

Please note that there is no residency period. Persons wanting to get married in Saint Lucia can do so within 24 hours of arrival as long as the person applies for a same day marriage license and they have all the necessary, original documentation.

The fee for the same day marriage license is USD$200.00
The fee for a regular marriage license is USD$125.00

Documentation’s Required:

  • Valid Passport
  • Divorce Decree (if an Applicant has been divorced). Note that the original or certified copy should be presented as proof.
  • A death certificate (original or certified copy) of the spouse (in the case of a widow/widower)
  • A Deed Poll (if the name has been changed)
  • An authenticated translation in addition to the originals if required documents are not in English.

Please be advised that many of the hotels have dedicated wedding coordinators who can organize your wedding. We suggest that you contact your hotel to make advance enquiries.