Reading & Book Signing by Award-Winning St. Lucian Author

Friday, November 3rd, 2017


Dr. Anderson ReynoldsThe Toronto Consulate of St. Lucia and A Different Booklist are pleased to invite the public to join award-winning St. Lucian author, Dr. Anderson Reynolds, for a reading and book signing of his latest novel, The Stall Keeper, at A Different Booklist, 779 Bathurst Street, Toronto, on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, starting at 6:30PM.

Set in the author’s hometown of Vieux Fort, the southernmost part of St. Lucia, The Stall Keeper is Dr. Reynolds’ much anticipated and long awaited third book and second novel.
According to the book’s cover copy, “The inhabitants of Vieux Fort, a Caribbean town occupied by the Americans during World War II, were said to be waiting for the Americans’ return to bring back the good times. Five-year-old Henry whose father died when he was eighteen months old was still walking up to men asking, “Mister, are you my father?” His mother, Eunice, a strict Seventh Day Adventist with the gift of foretelling the future, would not be unequally yoked. Eugene, a stall keeper and the town’s most colorful and free-spirited character, was a woman living in a man’s body, and a man living in a woman’s world. Ruben, a favorite son, an intellectual, a famous cricketer and a staunch Roman Catholic, falls madly in love with Eunice. What happens in Vieux Fort when Henry teams up with Eugene and Ruben warms his way into the heart of Eunice is a tale of magic and tragedy.”

The writings of Dr. Reynolds, be it fiction or nonfiction, has been described as a world in which a great drama unfolds where history, geography, nature, culture, the supernatural, and socioeconomic and political factors all combine to seal the fate of its characters. In this crucible of a world, readers are provided with deep insights into where St. Lucians come from, who they are as a people, and how they became who they are. If so, then readers are in for a treat, because The Stall Keeper provides deep insights into the forces that have shaped Vieux Fort; it speaks to the very character of the town, and throws light on long unanswered questions about why Vieux Fort is the way it is.

The Stall KeeperUnsurprisingly, The Stall Keeper has garnered much praise. For example, Allan Weekes, author of Talk of the Devil, said: “The Stall Keeper is a compelling story of provincial bigotry, coming of age, religious experience and rivalry, faith, fanaticism, the supernatural, frustrated love, and the repression of intelligence and ambition, played against the beautiful wide open spaces and relics of post American World War II occupied Vieux Fort.”

[And] CARICOM economist and diplomat, Peter Lansiquot, said: “The Stall Keeper should be read by every Saint Lucian man, woman, child and professor of literature! … This delectable bowl of hot, steaming Lucian bouillon, spiced up with canelles and calaloo … crafted by the most articulately exciting Lucian craftsman of the written word I have met to date, takes Vieux Fort by the neck and shakes it vigorously, releasing into the breezy Iyanolan atmosphere all of Vieux Fort’s idiosyncrasies … made me laugh, giggle, ponderous, sad and glad, all at once … made me immensely proud to be Lucian!”

Born and raised in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, Anderson Reynolds holds a PhD in Food and Resource Economics from the University of Florida. In recent years, Dr. Reynolds has emerged as one of St. Lucia’s most prominent and prolific writers. His first book, the novel, Death by Fire, won the 2001 M&C main award for literature. His second, The Struggle for Survival: an historical, political and socioeconomic perspective of St. Lucia, won a 2003 M&C prize for prose. An earlier unpublished version of The Stall Keeper won the 2012 National Arts Award for prose.

The author’s featured articles in St. Lucian magazines and newspapers won him a 2001
M&C literature award for creative journalism, and similarly a 2006 National Arts Award.
The Stall Keeper along with Dr. Reynolds’ journalistic pieces on Vieux Fort have
established him as one of the island’s foremost authority on Vieux Fort’s socioeconomic

To ensure that The Stall Keeper reaches as wide an audience as possible, Dr. Reynolds
has embarked on an international book tour, of which the Toronto book reading and
signing is just one of the stops. Other stops include London, CARICOM countries, and
various US cities including Atlanta, New York, Miami and Washington DC.

Please join us at A Different Booklist, 779 Bathurst Street, Toronto, 6:30PM Tuesday, October 17, 2017, to help celebrate St. Lucian and Caribbean culture and give support to our writers in giving voice to our voices.

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