Press Release Saint Lucia 39th Independence Anniversary Launch Theme: I am Saint Lucia

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Independence 39 launched
Friday, February 2, 2018
By Geraldine Bicette-Joseph, GIS

 Saint Lucia’s 39th Independence Anniversary Theme: I Am Saint Lucia

The National Independence Committee held a press launch detailing planned activities for Saint Lucia’s 39th Anniversary of Independence.

The programme of activities includes a range of independence sports tournaments, the Miss Independence Pageant, a Praise and Worship Weekend, National Colours Day, the Prime Minister’s Grand Independence Ball, and the Independence Military Parade.

Senator, Honourable Fortuna Belrose, Minister for Local Government and Culture, was present at the proceedings.

“We are 39 years old and it is generally accepted that if you are 39, you should have determined a path for the future. Our nation is 39 and it is indeed a unique occasion for us. We will never again be thirty-nine, so we must reflect on the occasion and celebrate how far we have come.”

Senator, Honourable Fortuna Belrose went on to discuss the Independence theme, I Am Saint Lucia.

“I want to establish the continued relevance of our theme. Last year we made a decision to establish a theme that could be used over multiple years. I am Saint Lucia does just that. We all can interpret it our way. It evokes reflection and debate. It inspires confidence and pride, it comforts and it reassures. It is many things to many people. I want to encourage its focus by challenging each activity and those of you involved in the activities, each of the activities should be developed around a subtheme that will capture the essence of the overall theme, I am Saint Lucia.”

The press launch was held on the morning of Jan. 31.

Source: Government of Saint Lucia: